Strategist: Get Bullish on Equities (Pt. 1)

Andrew Fisher

Richard Sichel sees the skies brightening over the markets. 

The chief investment officer of Philadelphia Trust Co. finds special encouragement in this week's positive news about consumer spending, and the smaller-than-expected decline in jobs.
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"The consumer has enough money to spend on consumer staples," he told CNBC.  "We like food companies; they're defensive; we like Heinz, Hershey, Sysco. Those food companies have brand extensions, and we think as the year progresses, that sector will do well."

Sichel also favors industrial stocks, especially companies with substantial overseas exposure.

"We are overweighted in industrials...we like Honeywell, General Dynamics, for the defense part, United Technologies, terrific growth overseas, and we think that continues even if the dollar does continue to strengthen," he said.

Sichel also believes in growing technology's share in his portfolio -- and even dabbling in financials.

(See Part 2 for his tech and bank recommendations.)

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Disclosure information for Richard Sichel was not immediately available.