Strategist: Get Bullish on Equities (Pt. 2)

Andrew Fisher

Richard Sichel sees the skies brightening over the markets. 

The chief investment officer of Philadelphia Trust Co. finds special encouragement in this week's positive news about consumer spending, and the smaller-than-expected decline in jobs.
(Part 2)


Sichel likes heavy-industrial stocks like United Technologies. But he also believes in growing "tech" share in his portfolio -- computer tech.

"We have a better market weighting now, and we may be adding to that, companies like Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, some of the big names," he said.

He's even -- tentatively -- talking about financials.

"We've had a fairly good underweighting there for about a year and a half now, which has been good," he said.  "We like JP Morgan, US Bancorp, we still have an underweighting, watching it closely, and we might be adding to those."

Sichel also likes consumer staples, especially food, and heavy-industrial stocks like United Technologies.

(See Part 1 for his other recommendations.)

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Disclosure information for Richard Sichel was not immediately available.