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Cramer: Marvel's a Super Stock

As good a case as EMCOR CEO Frank MacInnis made for his company during “Street Signs,” all-time high prices for copper prevent Cramer from recommending the stock, he said during Monday’s Stop Trading!.

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

MacInnis was on CNBC this afternoon touting his company’s switch to a services-based business model from a pure copper play. Wall Street, though, has yet to notice. EMCOR , Cramer said, might make a good value stock for investors willing to wait out the transition.

The Mad Money host said he’s not a fan of “mezzanine lending” companies like American Capital, but CEO Malon Wilkus is a “seasoned player” and Cramer doesn’t want to count him out yet. ACAS was down about 6.5% Monday to just under $30 a share.

A story about a deadly virus in China could last “a couple days” in the press, Cramer said, possibly affecting stocks. But in the end, “I think that China remains the single greatest driver of everything that we trade in this world -- everything.”

Marvel Entertainment’s Iron Man, in which Cramer makes an appearance, brought in over $100 million in U.S. sales from its opening weekend, possibly shrugging off critics of the company’s move into movies. “This company's far more sophisticated,” Cramer said of Marvel these days. “It is far better run.” He recommended investors stick with MVL.

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