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Cisco, Disney Point to Higher Open


The headline:Cisco and Disney Beat Earnings; Profits for Both Top Expectations

Cisco’s numbers were terrific, Jeff Macke said, and it’s impressive that the company is holding its own in this environment. Disney’s numbers were even better. Even the theme parks are working. The company is consolidating. This is a great story and still a cheap stock, according to Macke.

Pete Najarian would buy Juniper , which is way off its highs, on the Cisco beat. Remember that Cisco has had a monster run and while the quarter was good, it couldn’t hurt to take profits or wait for the stock before chasing it here. He also said that Disney is compelling after this earnings beat.


The headline: Crude Oil Jumps 1.6% to $121.84, New Record, on Fresh Round of Supply Concerns; Goldman Sachs Says Oil Likely to Reach as High as $200 in Next Two Years

You know what caught Guy Adami’s eye Tuesday as crude ran higher? FedEx , a company about as beholden to oil prices as can exist, was up. Stocks don’t lie, Adami said. He sees FedEx setting up for a great second half of the year, oil prices be damned. For a pure play on oil, he would stick with service names like Baker Hughes , Schlumberger and Halliburton .

Pete Najarian is a buyer of the drillers or the Oil Service ETF . Absolutely no refiners, though, for which oil is an input cost.


The headline: Pete Najarian Seeing Bullish Options Activity in Natural Gas Play El Paso

Natural gas is a good buy here and the insider buying in EP is a good sign for the stock, Najarian said.


The headline: Financials Fall on Fannie Mae Earnings, Then Rise on Plan to Raise Capital

Fannie Mae reports “horrific” earnings and no one cares. That’s the state of the financials right now, Karen Finerman said. She does not believe Fannie should have gone up 6% on such a bad quarter and, in fact, she sold out of her position in Fannie Tuesday.

As far as Jeff Macke is concerned, it proves the short-sightedness of the short financials trade. The catalyst is dead for these stocks on the short side, he said. “Sometimes that’s good enough to be long.”


The headline: Yahoo Gains Back Ground After Monday’s Plunge, Finishing Up 6%

Karen Finerman can’t remember the last time she saw a company as anti-shareholder as Yahoo. She wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of shareholder uprising before the annual meeting scheduled for July 3.


The headline: Merck Shares Finish Flat After Analysts Say Job Cuts Should Boost Earnings

Merck is having a bad few weeks, that’s for sure. Even still, Guy Adami said the pharma giant sets up for an “easy trade” if you buy it here with a stop in at $36.50.


The headline:WWE Shares Fall Despite 29% Increase in Profit, Better-Than-Expected Revenue

CEO Linda McMahon said via satellite that WWE’s long-term investments will yield returns from investors and she does not run the company on a quarter-to-quarter basis.

Investments in content development, marketing and distribution and building an international infrastructure are the three main tiers that make up WWE’s business model, she said. The international growth is what some investors have questioned, but McMahon maintained that, while there are start-up costs associated with broadening overseas, she is confident that it will pay off. In China alone, she said WWE content is expected to reach 100 million households. And the company is still tracking to its overall growth projections for this year.