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Cramer's Natural Gas High

Cramer's Natural High

Cramer opened Tuesday’s show demanding Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton stop their political pandering when it comes to a windfall-profits tax on oil companies. More specifically, lay off all the natural-gas drillers, he said. After all, it’s our best shot at energy independence.

Regular viewers of Mad Money know that Cramer’s dubbed 2008 the year of natural gas. He’s been talking about it for a while now, and he wants Washington to get onboard. Nat-gas drilling in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale could be a game-changer for the U.S., and it’d be a shame for politics to get in the way.

But Cramer’s bullish on more than just the idea of natural gas. He’s bullish on the stocks, too. His six favorites in the group are Anadarko , Devon , Apache , Southwestern , Chesapeake and XTO Energy.

Cramer’s charitable trust owns El Paso and ConocoPhillips, both of which are worth a look. So’s EnCana, he said. And don’t forget about domestic land drillers Nabors and Halliburton .

The bottom line here is that there’s still plenty of room for natural gas to grow.

“We are talking about a fantastic move here,” Cramer said, “and you have not missed that move yet.”

Jim's charitable trust owns ConocoPhillips, El Paso and XTO Energy.

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