Two-Way Street

Like Stock Picks? Well Here's a Blog for You

Let's face it ... stock picks are a major part of CNBC. And we're going to make it better for you.

Sure, we have plenty of news and analysis to offer. But the special sauce on that meat is the "what to do about it" advice. Stocks that will benefit or suffer are central to that offering.

Here on the web site, we have various ways of presenting that advice to you. Obviously we are chock full of daily stories analyzing what stocks are doing and what's likely to affect them. (Check out this great look at video game stocks for example). We also take what the pundits are saying about stocks on CNBC TV and slice and dice them into digestible segments throughout the site.

Typically these stock recommendation pieces have been scattered throughout the site. But now we're going to center them together in a blog. That will give you one central location to find what stocks are being talked about -- favorably or unfavorably -- on CNBC. Check it out ... the CNBC Stock Blog.

In addition, we take all this specific stock-picking stuff and locate it on our Picks and Pans page along side stock discussions from two of our premier market shows: Fast Money and Mad Money. That allows you to find, compare and contrast stock thoughts from every corner of the CNBC universe. And believe me, as someone who has to try and herd it all together for you, it is quite a bit.

Danger Will Robinson!

Now, always be careful about stock recommendations. And not just about what stock is being recommended, but also when it is being touted and by whom -- information we bend over backwards to provide you with this coverage. There are risks to every investment. Understand them. And understand the kinds of risk you can afford to take.

(Sure, I say this in part to make our legal department happy ... but also because everyone really, really should understand what's involved in stocks and markets before wading in. If you are just testing waters, go here to get a little better understanding of the tides).