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Looking for Hourly Employees? Try SnagAJob.com

Linda R. Sittenfeld, Senior Producer

There are an increasing number of job seekers out there, many looking for positions that pay by the hour. But how do the job seekers find the job? On SnagAJob.com, of course. CEO Shawn Boyer explains.

Where did you get this idea?
It was born out of a friend looking for an internship who couldn't find any site, or any company listing, for basic, hourly type jobs. This was six years ago.

There are 30,000 employement related sites focused on salaried employees - Monster, etc. Or focused on health care or trucking or similar. We decided to take a more horizontal approach.

What exactly does Snag A Job provide?
With $4-a-gallon gas prices on the horizon and home foreclosures on the rampage, a job is the one thing Americans need more than anything else.

60% of America's workers are paid by the hour and we focus specifically on that. We list retail, restaurant, hospitality, service, office administration positions, that sort of thing. Minimum wage to $18-20/hr is our sweet spot.

Who funded your start-up?
My parents, sister, and uncle put their life savings into it. And I did too.

Are you profitable now?
We got to profitability after 4 years. But we recently took on institutional capital to increase sales and marketing dramatically. We went into the red - deliberately - and are coming back out now.

How does the site make money?
Employers pay us to post job openings. It's a flat rate, no contingency fees. Users pay nothing.

Why would employers come to you?
We've been able to reduce a company's cost per hire. With us it's between $6 and the low $20's per hire. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, it costs companies $726 on average to make a hire

Did you hire your own employees through your site?
We now have 112 people working for us. All our people are salaried. But some did start out as hourly through the site