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Biggest Drop in a Month


The headline: S&P 500, Nasdaq Fall 2% as Oil Hits Record

The Dow retreated Wednesday as the price of a barrel of oil soared to a record near $124 and touched off concerns that recent gains in stocks might have been premature while consumers grapple with rising energy and food costs.

The market was overbought and looking for an excuse to sell, Guy Adami said. Cisco gave it that excuse. He thinks the rest of the week is in the red as we enter a pullback cycle, but things should be back up by next Wednesday.

This is just a “pause and refresh,” according to Jeff Macke.


The headline: Crude Oil Jumps 1.4% to $123.53, New Record Even After Report Shows Stockpiles Rose More Than Expected

The crude thesis is getting a little tired, making new records almost every day now. How about natural gas? That commodity is ripping too, already up 41% this year as it plays a game of catch up to oil.

Karen Finerman said she’s not willing to chase nat gas up here but certainly wouldn’t short it, either.


The headline: Bank Shares Fall After SEC Requires Greater Disclosure of Their Financial Standing

When SEC Chairman Christopher Cox made this announcement, the financials immediately rolled over. It was the excuse to sell, Karen Finerman said. As an investor, she isn’t even sure what she would do with more disclosures.

This won’t make anything better, Jeff Macke said. The market hates intervention of any kind.


The headline:Cisco Falls After Q4 Revenue Forecast Disappoints Some Investors

Guy Adami would buy the dip in Cisco, saying it’s “fine.” But Pete Najarian one-upped him, calling the stock “better than fine.” He took some of his CSCO position off but said he will get back in soon. It’s just the pressure of the market taking this great stock lower, he said.


The headline: Semiconductor ETF Rebounding This Year, Up 13% Over Last 3 Months

The semis are benefiting from this global wireless buildout, Pete Najarian said. The SMH chart is bullish, and Jeff Macke would be buying dips in certain semi names.


The headline: Disney Surging in Tough Tape After Stronger-Than-Expected Earnings Driven by Strong Performance at Theme parks, Networks

Disney is a stock you buy and put away as a long-term investment. At least that’s how Jeff Macke views his position in the Mouse House. He called Bob Iger a great manager and strongly recommended buying dips in DIS and then holding on as it goes higher.


The headline: Take Two’s ‘Grand Theft Auto 4’ Takes in $500M in First Week, Topping Estimates

GTA’s stellar numbers are baked into the stock, Pete Najarian said. That’s why it’s not going higher – although it’s still a good buy.


The headline: Oil Surges Even as Dollar Gains Against Euro; When Will the Relentless Rise Come to an End?

Strategic investor Dennis Gartman, author of The Gartman Letter, reiterated that the oil run is now purely a demand-driven situation. We just can’t create supply fast enough, and that overcomes any domestic economic weakness that would normally signal a drop in oil prices.

Oil is in a bull market, Gartman said. And there’s only three positions for a bull market: neutral, long or really long. He’s staying neutral.

Word on the Street

Perhaps the most surprising characteristic of this recent run to $123 is that the dollar has managed to strengthen too (also pushing gold lower). That is completely antithetical to the long crude/short dollar trade of the past few months and it’s catching the oil bears off guard. Gartman would no longer assume that a strong dollar means weak crude or vice versa. The rules have changed.

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