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See What People Are Saying About... $200 Oil

Why can’t you believe oil is going to skyrocket further? The US is exactly where the South American countries were in the 1970s. We need to develop alternate energy sources because our dollar cannot compete in the international thirst for fuels...

The alternative to $200 barrel oil is substitution – ethanol, coal gasification or other substitutes for fossil fuels. Short of substitution you have a demand driven supply.

The alternative to substitution is oil at $200 -$240 per barrel.

-- Andrew K.


That brings us to Fast Money's Reader Poll.  Do you think oil will really touch $200 / barrel in a few years time. (And I know we asked a similar question a few days ago, but it seems to remain very much top of mind.)


I believe solar energy is the future, it has tons of growth ahead, and it's actually cheaper than conventional electricity. Also it's clean and requires hardly any maintenance.

The way I see it, solar stocks are like the web stocks in '92 and should, despite huge volatility, (like web stocks in 92-95), deliver massive rewards for long term holders...

- Emilio A.

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