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A Big Buy On Brazil

Andrew Fisher
Brazil, Brazil Flag

Worried about your portfolio going south?  Don't worry, advises Tom Del Zoppo.  HSBC's head of cash equities for the Americas thinks that's the best place for at least part of it to go.

He's especially enthusiastic about Brazil.

"They really have everything that the world is consuming right now," he told CNBC, referring to Brazil's abundance of agricultural land, energy and metals.  "Tie that along with getting investment-grade by S&P a little bit sooner than everyone expected, and it starts to come together."

He thinks Brazil has the edge on Mexico because of Mexico's close ties with a slowing U.S. economy, and because Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has managed to separate his country's social programs from its economy.


Del Zopporecommends that investors sell Citigroup and buy Brazilian oil producer Petrobras.

"I think you can just pull up a chart and look at Citi versus Petrobras, and you tell me what the chart looks like," he said.

Bullish on Brazil


Disclosure information for Del Zoppo was not immediately available.