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Hogan's Heroes: 10 Bargains For May

Recent gains in the markets have changed the valuation picture on a lot of stocks, but Jefferies managing director Art Hogan is constantly on the lookout for bargains, and he told CNBC about some stocks that are still steals.


"It's one of the things that doesn't get looked at a lot; it's an industrial name; people look at the cycle and say it's too early to get into the industrials, (but) this is one of the leaders, and I think you can buy it now."


"If you want to use less power and have more applications on whatever your device happens to be, OEMs are going to them.  They're outsourcing to Broadcom, and they're eating everybody's lunch, especially in portabilty and cellular."

Cameron International

Charles River Laboratories:

"Biotech, especially pharma, outsourcing most of the R&D work that they're doing, and Charles River's been the leader in that; the last couple of quarters, they've turned the corner here."



Hornbeck Offshore:

"They actually go out to the deep water Gulf and out to Brazil, where, as energy prices get higher and higher, we go deeper and deeper into the Gulf, drilling becomes more profitable, and these guys supply everything that goes out there."

Scientific Games


Ultra Petroleum:

"If you look at natural gas, which hasn't gotten as much conversation as oil, Ultra Petro is a play right there."

Hunting for May Bargains