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Disney's Version Of Mr. Potato Head And Brolin Does Bush

At left is an image of the press kit we received from Disneyland promoting the new Disney Pixar Toy Story Mania! attraction opening next month.

We opened the box...and all we got were Mr. Potato Head's ears. Was he done in by the mob?

Is Disney trying to save money? Play off Mickey Mouse ears? We asked! Apparently the company is sending out Mr. Potato piece by piece over the next few weeks anticipation. Seems like a lot of wasted packaging to me, but I have to admit that when the second package arrived today, we eagerly tore it open. Inside, one arm.

Check out the cover photo on Entertainment Weekly of Josh Brolin in the upcoming Oliver Stone film "W," where he plays George W. Bush. The film is being produced by Lions Gate . I wonder if it will create any of the backlash Brolin's dad, Jim (Bab's hubby), went through five years ago when he played Ronald Reagan in "The Reagans." CBS got so much flack it ended up yanking the movie off its broadcast network and shipping it to cable.

James Brolin as Ronald Reagan, Josh Brolin as George W. Bush.

So, because I know I'm actually going to have to find a real job one of these days, I bought the domain name this weekend. What I'll do with the site, who knows? But if you click that link now you'll learn all about how to buy things like synthetic urine.

I'm holding a contest! Produce the best "fake" blog, assuming a "fake" identity of someone famous--Fake Ben Bernanke, Fake Angelo Mozilo, Fake Larry Ellison, Fake Warren Buffett, even Fake Jane. The topic needs to be, um, topical. I'll post a few, have people vote. The winner gets a FAKE JANE COFFEE MUG.

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