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Future Trade: Robotic Surgery

What will our world look like 10 or 20 years from now? Wall Street players are placing their bets right now and perhaps you should too!

For our first time warp trade, we look at your health. Robots allowed us to build better auto bodies in the 1980s. In the future, they will help us make better human bodies.

Precise robots could someday perform open heart surgery with a top surgeon at the controls via satellite a world away. Perhaps they’ll even track and implode cancerous tumors using noninvasive radio waves.

In fact, Mr. Roboto is already the most sought after surgeon in health care with Intuitive Surgical, the young industry's leader, expected to increase sales by a supersonic 40% this year alone.

So, what are the quantum leap plays that could make money right now?

Doctors are clamoring to get their hands on Intuitive’s da Vinci surgical systems, explains Pete Najarian. But the cost is substantial and that’s going to keep a lid on these trades for a while. However, it wouldn’t hurt to check out ISRG as well as Hansen Medical which is doing the same kind of work. And why not look at Accuray for its laser knife.

I like Zimmer Holding , adds Guy Adami

The Future of Your Health

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