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NatGas: A 'Natural' For Your Portfolio

Andrew Fisher

Five-star fund manager Kent Croft says investors can pump some profits into their portfolio through the power of natural gas.  His Croft Value Fund is up an average of 16.97 percent over the last three years.

"Natural gas still sells at a very significant discount to oil," he told CNBC.

"We think there will be some narrowing of that; also, there's a lot of new gas-fired generation capacity that's going to be coming on, and, frankly, we've been spinning our wheels as far as production goes over the last 15 years."


His first pick is Southwestern Energy.

"They're in the Fayetteville shale play, which is one of the largest, most prolific gas plays in the country," he said.  "They're the largest operator there, and they're low-cost...increasing production, and long-lived reserves, so we think they have a way to go."

Croft also likes Williams Companies.

"Williams Companies is actually a little more diversified, a little less risk, because they have a vast amount of pipelines in the country," he said.  "They also have, in a very prolific area of the Rockies, increasing production."

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Croft owns both Southwestern Energy and Williams Companies through his fund.