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CW Network: Will Rich Kids Draw Rich Ratings?

The CW

The CW's big hit is without a doubt "Gossip Girl." Talk about buzz. But it hasn't been enough to juice up ratings. But of course the CW is bringing it back on Monday nights followed by "One Tree Hill."

An interesting note about "Gossip Girl": afraid that streaming the show has hurt its TV ratings this season it's not being offered online.

So now it's building on the fanbase for the show about rich glamorous teens with a "Beverly Hills 90210" revival. And yes, Jennie Garth is coming on as a guidance counselor.

The big news on the CW's business strategy: it will no longer program its Sunday primetime lineup. Instead its turning over the 7 pm to 10 pm slot over to Media Rights Capital, an independent production studio that's associated with ad giant WPP and Endeavor talent agency.

This is huge for MRC and it takes some of the risk (and scheduling/producing pressure) off the CW. I would be fascinated to see the breakdown of the financials of that deal.

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