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See What People Are Saying About... Speed Limits & Gas

Gas prices now average more $3.75 a gallon with prices 67 cents a gallon more than they were last year and they are expected to continue their sharp increase until at least Memorial Day.

Today's price is 2 cents higher than what the Energy Department had predicted for the peak price next month.

Some energy analysts say we could see a change this summer from the traditional gas pricing pattern. Generally, prices peak at Memorial Day and then decline through the summer. They now fear the prices could remain high, or go up even more, because oil prices have doubled and there are no signs of those increases slowing or declining in the coming months.

"The largest area of energy consumption in the largest economy in the world is transportation," says Ed from Texas, a Fast Money viewer. " (So) how about a national speed limit of 65. It may tick off some drivers (until they see their savings at $3.75/gallon), but would have an immediate impact on consumption, would it not???

That leads to our Reader Poll. Do you think we should have a national speed limit of 65 mph to save gas?

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