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What Charlie Rose Has In His Green Room: Book Tour Continued

Pennsylvania Avenue Profiles in Backroom Power by John Harwood & Gerald F. Seib

There are two really outstanding things about the "Charlie Rose" show, which is an essential stop on any author's book tour.

One is Charlie himself, who is an outstanding interviewer. He asks sophisticated questions and gives guests time to answer.

Jerry Seib and I were on to discuss our new book "Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power," out from Random House this week.

The second outstanding thing is the junk food in his green room. Every kind of salty snack there is, from kettle chips to soy nuts. No one is forced to leave the "Charlie Rose" show hungry.

It's since been a whirlwind of CNBC and MSNBC, CNN and Fox, am radio in Charlotte NC and the national XM network of the left, Air America. This is what authors do in an era where getting people to read books is not easy.

But at least, thanks to Charlie's green room, I have already had plenty of potato chips in the process.

The other great thing about Charlie's green room is the cool people one sees there. Jerry and I ran into Kevin Spacey, the brilliant actor, who was on in the segment before use discussing his new HBO film Recount about the disputed 2000 election. A very nice guy.

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