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Future Trade: Web 5.0

What will the internet look like in the year 2030? It could well have a brain of its own.

The concept is called "the semantic web" and essentially it’s technology that allows all your emails, documents, and purchases to talk with each other.

Want to know where all your money went last night? Just drag your bank statement onto your photo album and get a list of every drink you bought at the bar.

Taken a step further, the semantic web could even read your mind. Imagine searching for the Finnish word for “cat” just by thinking about it and having a brain implant pass along the thought!

That's the future. Here are the web 5.0 bets that Wall Street's betting on now.

I’d play Intel , says Jeff Macke. It’s not sexy but Intel seems to survive.

Look at some of the internet plays in China such as Baidu, Sohu, or Sina, counsels Tim Seymour.

I like Cisco for infrastructure build-out. And Imax could benefit down the line when holograph technology is perfected.

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