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Mad Mail: Thanks for Yamana!

Booyah Skee-daddy: My fiancé and I noticed that you take your watch off at the beginning of every Lightning Round. Is this due to the excitement, madness and flailing arms? Do you realize you even do it? I'm sure it's a nice watch, maybe a bit heavy? By the way, thank you for Yamana Gold (AUY), I've been buying on the way down! --Grant

Mad Mail

Cramer says:Yamana is exploding up “with pleasure” and it’s my favorite gold stocks. As for the watch, I take it off because I’m afraid I’m going to break it.


Dear Jim: One day I realized that there was so much more to racing then going around in circles. I fell in love with racing because I discovered how much strategy was involved which is one reason why I love investing so much. Racing and the stock market are like the game of chess at 200mph. What more could you ask for? On the business side brand loyalty is huge in racing. Instead of buying an Eagles hat they buy hat with Amp Energy , Home Depot or Budweiser slapped across it. Mobile advertising at its finest. --Kenneth

Cramer says: NASCAR advertising is all about best-of-breed because it’s the best companies that have the money to advertise. It’s one of the greatest ways to invest I’ve seen.


Good evening Jim, Regina, Props, Kyle, Bessie, and Camera-folk: I tried listening to Mr. Bernanke's speech the other day, but it was like hearing Charlie Brown's school teacher speak, "...wah...wah...wah." I wasn't hearing anything very useful. --PJ

Jim's charitable trust owns Yamana.

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