New App Puts a Price on Users' Names

A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but a new FaceBook application is showing it might not fetch as high a price on the stock exchange.

What's Your Name Worth?

The application, called NameFolio and created by and, generates a mock portfolio based on the letters of the name entered.

"We wanted to capitalize on the trend of the Facebook audience's rapid expansion into the Stockpickr demographic," said James Altucher, President of "We created NameFolio, leveraging the technology of, to bring the two growing communities together in a fun, viral and educational way."

The portfolios can be added to FaceBook profiles and contain 1000 shares of each company whose ticker symbol is found within the name of the account holder. From there, users can compete against their friends by determining the valuation of their names.

Users can also compare the names of other people such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (Clinton has a more valuable name at the time of this writing because of how the letters of Clinton's name match up with the tickers in her NameFolio).