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Right Time to Buy Stocks? NOW

Andrew Fisher

The time for potential investors to fulfill that potential is now, according to Phil Dow. The director of equity strategy for RBC Wealth Management told CNBC:

"There's a ton of cash on the sidelines -- $3.5 trillion -- the hedge community, by and large, is on the short side of neutral, you've got fair valuations, and we're looking at a situation now where you could see the dollar stabilize; that could cause international investors to come into our market.  I think it's a great time to take risk..."

He admits the economy is not entirely out of the woods, but he says it's all part of the timetable of effective investing.

"The troubles aren't over," he said.  "You don't buy stocks when the clouds part and the bluebirds come out.  ...Our guess is, the middle of next year...things look better."


Dow finds quality investments in technology and natural gas. 

The tech stocks he likes are Cisco and Amdocs Limited; in natural gas, he picks ConocoPhillips and Patterson-UTI Energy.


Disclosure information for Dow was not immediately available.