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Stop Trading!: If Buffet Likes Wind Power...

With financials, discretionary spending and even metals stocks doing well Thursday, Cramer said, “It's very hard to not like this market.”

This “outright bullish day,” as he called it, comes thanks to strong performances from those sectors as well as tech, retail and oil. With CD rates so low, investors seem willing to try their hand at stocks.

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

Trades in KB Home and J.C. Penney may be showing a bottom. Cadbury said during its earnings report this morning that food margins were under less pressure. That, Cramer said, puts names like Heinz , Pepsico and Coca-Cola in play.

Wind-power stocks, too, are getting a boost from big names like Warren Buffett and T. Boone Pickens, who see value in the business. Cramer called wind power “the hottest sector right now,” and the stocks are cheap. He recommended Trinity, Owens Corning and Woodward Governor.

“I don't think people have yet grasped the significance of this cheap form of power,” Cramer said. “This wind issue is bigger than solar.”

SPX was the latest stock added to the Mad Money host’s “new tech” portfolio. “These are heartland companies that are making things that everyone wants,” Cramer said, referring to the innovations in manufacturing that these companies bring to market. He called SPX a “consistent grower” that “is not done.” Emerson Electric is similar play, though it’s not up nearly as much as SPX.

Lastly, Cramer wanted viewers to know that the dollar isn’t as important when it comes to oil and other commodities’ prices as some on Wall Street think. If that were the case, oil would be trading closer to $100 rather than $125 and copper prices would be lower. Supply and demand is driving these prices, he said, referring to massive energy usage the world over and China’s insatiable appetite for copper. So investors should “buy what's in short supply and strong demand.”

To sum up: There are “lots of ways to win right now,” Cramer said. “It's a different market than it's been.”

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