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Stocks Mount Modest Comeback

As Fast Money took to Chicago Friday, the timing couldn't have been better as commodities finished off a breakout week, starting with oil...


The headline: Crude Oil Trades Above $127 For First Time After Goldman Raises Price Estimate to $141

When it comes to oil, the trend is your friend, Jeff Macke said. The trade is simple: chart the trend and buy crude on pullbacks.

But if you don’t want to trade the commodity, Guy Adami recommended the oil services sector – particularly Baker Hughes and Halliburton , both of which are still cheap, he said.


The headline: Yahoo Digs in its Heels for a Fight After Carl Icahn launches Proxy Contest Plans

Yahoo blames Microsoft , but it's Yahoo who are without a deal and now have a lower stock price. So who’s the loser, Karen Finerman wondered. She thinks Icahn has a good shot of winning the fight because Yahoo shareholders are so upset with management’s inability or unwillingness to get this done.

Jeff Macke’s trade is simple: sit back, relax, watch the drama unfold and get long Microsoft.

Word on the Street

Guy Adami would rather play Google , which he said is way better and way cheaper on a valuation basis than Yahoo.


The headline: Tech Shares Break Out This Week on Excitement Over Apple 3G iPhone, New Touch-Screen BlackBerry

Apple continues to win, Pete Najarian said, but don’t neglect the networkers. As more 3G phones come out, the networks are going to need to be continually upgraded to handle the expanded bandwidth. He thinks Cisco and Juniper .

Guy Adami is eyeing the hard drive makers, especially Western Digital . The stock is up big so take profits if you’re in it or buy it on a pullback if you’re not, he advised.


The headline:Lockheed Martin Beats Out Chicago’s Boeing for $1.46B Air Force Satellite Contract

The worst in Boeing looks to be over, according to Guy Adami. That said, the best names in aerospace are still Raytheon and Lockheed. Raytheon’s the cheaper bet, he said.

Pete Najarian agreed, saying Raytheon is by far best of breed and “too cheap,” with the most upside potential in aerospace.

A caveat, though, from Jeff Macke: Aerospace companies like Boeing and Airbus seem to be having trouble building commercial jets right now. He wouldn’t trade these as airline plays. Instead, trade them as defense stocks, he said. Because there’s always going to be a market for fighter jets.


The headline: Merrill Lynch Downgrades KeyCorp , Regions Financials on Loan Loss Concerns

The fact that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is eliminating its position in Ameriprise should be a bearish signal to AMP investors, Pete Najarian said.

The easiest trade on the financials right now is Citigroup , according to Guy Adami. He’d buy it here and sell if it goes below $22.50.