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Bayer Going "Fashion Forward" With Nina Garcia

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If you watch "Project Runway," the future of judge Nina Garcia has been up in the air since she left Elle. Now we know the sort of career opportunities she's exploring. Not developing a new clothing line, or another magazine job, or designing shoes. Garcia is helping Bayer hold a contest to design a new carrying case for Yaz birth control pills.

That is certainly "fashion forward"! Bayer is hoping to create some buzz around Yaz, and a new, hip carrying case may just do the trick. However, let's think about the unintended consequences. When the pills fall out of your purse, they will draw even more attention to themselves. "Wow, that's cool, is that your iPhone?" "Uh, well, mom, no."

I've attached some soundbites (see video clip) from Garcia from the press handout, where she says, "Whether you're an aspiring designer, a graphic designer, or an office fashionista, this is a great opportunity to show us your creative flair." How about if you're in marketing with an emphasis on packaging? Seems like that would make more sense than someone who wants to be the next Vera Wang.

You can find out more at,and the deadline is June 30th. The winner will be announced at next fall's Fashion Week. There's a bit of disagreement over first prize. The website and video say it's $10,000, the press release says only $5,000.

Finally, I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm going to guess the winning design will be pink.


If you'll recall, we've blogged about Disneyland's new stunt to promote its Toy Story ride--mailing out pieces of Mr. Potato Head one at a time to reporters. We haven't gotten a piece in days and, as we look at his eyes, ears, and one arm laying there, it's starting to creep us out.


Here it is: "Story Idea: Get Your Summer Butt in Shape!!"

Where did I put that summer butt? I remember storing it last fall but can't recall where.

The press release suggests we interview Extreme Makeover's Dr. Anthony Griffin about the "Brazilian Butt Lifta," which I don't think involves squats. I think it involves butt implants. I might buy some if it meant I never had to take a seat pad to a Dodger game again.

Speaking of someone who needs a little nip and tuck, check out the painting of "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping." This painting just broke all auction records for a living artist, selling for $33 million. $33 MILLION. The painting is by Lucian Freud, grandson of Sigmund, and clearly the apple doesn't fall far from the psychoanalytical tree when it comes to women. Who would pay $33 million for this? Reportedly a Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, who is obviously sick with money. My bigger question, who's the Benefits Supervisor? I read it's a model named Sue Tilly. Is she getting any of that $33 million? Because there are some Brazilian butt implants she may want to consider...


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