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CNBC.com Plans Live Video Stream of Warren Buffett's Swiss News Conference

CNBC.com and CNBC are planning live coverage of tomorrow's scheduled news conference by Warren Buffett in Switzerland, the second stop of his European shopping tour.

It's set to begin tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 8:45a ET. 

CNBC.com will provide a live video stream of the entire event.  CNBC's Squawk Box also plans extensive live coverage.

The news conference will be held at the Lausanne campus of the Swiss business school IMD.

After the news conference, at 10a ET, Buffett will participate in a IMD webcast titled Lessons from a Legendary Investor: How to grow wealth in a responsible and sustainable manner.  He'll be joined by IMD Professor Joachim Schwass and the Chairman of Berkshire's Iscar subsidiary in Israel, Eitan Werthheimer.

IMD has a number of programs designed to help family businesses deal with "governance, role and relationship issues as well as with their specific challenges of business renewal and continuity."  That fits in with the theme of Buffett's European trip.

Buffett held a news conference today in Frankfurt as he began his 4-day European visit, which is designed to raise Berkshire Hathaway's profile as a potential buyer of large family-owned firms that need a change of control.  (See a video clip from the Frankfurt news conference.)

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