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Stop Trading!: Ag Stocks Still the Play

Europe always seemed less than hospitable to U.S. biotech companies, Cramer said during Monday’s Stop Trading!, but apparently that’s not the case with Syngenta AG.

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

Europe tended to shun the seed companies, Cramer continued, or any company that made its money by artificially augmenting food. Regular viewers of Mad Money know Cramer’s been bullish on agriculture stocks. Syngenta is one of the few among them not yet at its 52-week high. He called SYG a “great buy,” saying, “Anytime you get a discount…I’d pull the trigger.” That goes for Bunge and Monsanto, too, he said.

BP is a different company today thanks to new management, Cramer pointed out, saying he’s “very impressed” with the new team. In fact, moves by management have kept safe the company’s 4% yield, which Cramer called “not bad.” Most American oil firms, whose stocks have experience too big a move, no longer have a yields, he said.

Cramer also gave a thumbs-up to nuclear-energy play ABB Ltd., calling it a “great engineering company.”

Lastly, Cramer offered a solution to Deutsche Telekom’s problems: Buy Sprint Nextel . “No growth, 7% yield,” Cramer said of DT, “I think it's obvious they have to make a move with Sprint.”

“They need growth to get this thing energized,” he said. “It's an obvious one to buy Sprint.”

Jim's charitable trust owns BP.

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