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Thomas & Betts' Second Wind

Cramer: Bullish on TNB

Cramer's been talking ad nauseum lately about these "new tech" companies – the ones committed to solving the world's problems, not just making video games cooler or cell phones smaller, which is what he believes our tech industry has become.

Thomas & Betts fits the mold of a new-tech play even if it doesn't look like it. That's because this electrical company is actually a stealth play on wind.

In addition to its main business of electrical supplies, TNB also makes wind towers. This is a small part of the overall company – about 10% - but Trinity , the railcar maker, had an equally small percent of wind exposure and look what that did to its earnings.

TNB doesn't seem to be doing much to promote its wind business, even though the wind industry is growing fast. That's why Cramer's mentioning it now.

As Thomas & Betts has turned itself around, the company's become much more efficient and used smart acquisitions to grow, which are reasons enough to recommend the stock. TNB just bought Lamson & Sessions, a similar electrical company, bringing it that much closer to a one-stop shop for all your electrical needs, Cramer said.

The overseas exposure is getting bigger, too. And even though the stock sold off after it reported earnings last month, Cramer isn't worried. TNB's guidance is back-end loaded, he said, so the missing earnings from last quarter should show up on the next report. Management even said it expected a boost in volume in the second half of the year.

TNB looks incredibly cheap to Cramer, possibly because it is being ignored as a stealth play on wind. Better pay attention. 

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