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Big Dollar Bidding Begins June 22 for Lunch With Warren Buffett

Bidding for the Annual Warren Buffett Lunch Charity Auction begins June 22 and ends June 27, according to an announcement today from a PR firm publicizing the event.

The on-line auction will be conducted through eBay Giving Works.  The winner gets to invite up to seven guests to join him or her for lunch with Warren Buffett at New York's restaurant.  CEO Alan Stillman agreed to donate $10,000 for the "privilege" of hosting the lunch.

Bidding begins at $25,000.  Anyone placing a bid needs to be pre-qualified.

The proceeds go to San Francisco's , which says it "helps thousands of men, women and children confront and overcome the effects of human suffering, poverty and homelessness through comprehensive services that emphasize unconditional love, healing, personal empowerment and self-affirmation."  Buffett is quoted as call Glide "maybe the most effective organization I've seen for people down on their luck."

An has already been posted on eBay.

Warren is not a cheap date.  Last year's lunch was won by Mohnish Pabrai of Pabrai Investment Funds.  The winning bid: $650,100.

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