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Time to sort through the Fast Money in-box and answer more of your questions.

Marty from Nevada

Marty writes, “What are your thoughts on the run up in gold over the past week? How do I play it?

If you want to play gold I think the best trade is Freeport McMoRan , replies Guy Adami because you also get copper exposure.


Greg from Maryland

Greg writes, “What do you guys think of the PC semi companies at these levels?”

I think it’s a little early, replies Jeff Macke.


Scott from California

Scott writes, “As shipping rates have returned to November highs and the weak dollar has fueled commodity prices do you think the shipping stocks are a buy?

At these levels I do, replies Pete Najarian. But if you’re going to play the space you’ve got to follow pricing very closely.


Matt from Minnesota

Matt writes, “I currently have my whole portfolio in various energy names. I’m making a killing but fear I may be holding too many energy stocks. Should I take profits?

Fast Messages

I have never heard as much talk about the back of the board of oil as I have this week, replies Joe Terranova. That makes me think we’re ripe for a correction.

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