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Mad Mail: Best Way to Play HDTV?

Booyah Jim: New York Stock Exchange reported what seemed to be a good quarter and it has not really reacted. It seems to be dead in the water again. What will it take for this stock to finally get some positive recognition and rally? Also, what are the chances that you will be in Iron Man 2? Love the show. It’s the best thing on TV! –Brian

Mad Mail

Cramer says: It’d be easier for me to get in Iron Man 2 than for NYX to get over $70. The stock has “no sponsorship whatsoever” and the buyback never seems to work. That said, if it trades down to the low $60s, I’d buy it again. I can’t give up on the New York Stock Exchange.


Dear Jim: I recently purchased an HD TV and had to spend over $400 to purchase a new HD satellite dish and receiver. Then I purchased a second HD TV and had to purchase another HD receiver for $300…Yikes! How can I make money on this trend to upgrade to HD viewing? --Eileen

Cramer says: Corning is your HD upgrade play.


Booyah Jim: We are both competing in the CNBC’s Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge and our portfolio, named “President Jim Cramer,” was up 7% for the first week! More importantly, our real portfolio is up 50% in the past five months with all Cramerican stocks. --Asaf & Michelle

Cramer says: One of the ways to do well in the's Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge is to buy low-dollar stocks.

Jim's charitable trust owns New York Stock Exchange and Corning.

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