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Money "Access" For The Blind And Boeing's Big Deals (For 2007)


A U.S. appeals court has ruled that paper money discriminates against the blind, and the Treasury Department could be forced to do what they do in other countries, make bills different sizes. The ruling affirms a lower court decision from 2006, where a judge wrote, "It can no longer be successfully argued that a blind person has 'meaningful access' to currency if she cannot accurately identify paper money without assistance." Apparently blind people are also women.


I've found one more reason to again appreciate the "benefits" of looking at "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping," which just sold at auction for a fat $33 million.

Scientists have now determined that obese people use 18 percent more food energy than the "normal" population (Lancet's word, not mine). The article in The Lancetsays most people consume about 2,500 calories a day, while those who are obese take in 2,960 calories. Scientists suggest governments promote walking and cycling, not just because those activities cut down on oil demand generally, but they reduce "the excess demands on food and car use from the obese part of the population" (emphasis mine). Prepare for the anti-fat forces to start making you feel guilty about the energy it takes to grow all the food you eat and the extra gas you burn getting your fat caboose down the road.

By the way, meet the woman who posed for the $33 million painting.


On my post wondering why Boeing keeps losing big defense dealsan unnamed source inside Boeing points out:

"Boeing won an Air Force contract a couple of months ago worth over $1B to provide maintenance and overhaul of the current fleet of air tankers as well as winning a contract from NASA/Air Force to supply the next generation Tactical Data Relay Satellites worth up to $3B. These are big, important contracts."

They ARE big and important (the Boeing press release has the satellite deal worth $1.2 billion--still big), but both came out in the final months of 2007. Nothing big in 2008 yet. Am I making too big a deal out of this?

On my post about Governor Schwarzenegger's plans to issue bonds based on the California lottery, Richard C. writes:

"It is a sorry Government that turns to gambling to generate income for the State. Is this what Leadership has become?"

And on Fake Jane's search for "beauty for life"Jeff J. sentmethis link revealing that even "natural" beauties may not be so natural.

Ricardo S. keeps it real:

"Go to bed and the next day upon awakening, look into the mirror. If a beautiful face appears, you are wasting money; if an unattractive one appears, then you have to deal with the issue."

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