Two-Way Street

Our AOL Deal and the Internet's Bedfellows

So have you seen the news? We've done a deal with AOL! They are going to have our content on their site!

Okay, okay ... if you aren't in the Internet biz, particularly the business and finance news sector of it, you probably don't care all that much. But it's a big deal to us. Read about the AOL-CNBC deal here.

Effectively, it means people will now be able to find our material, particularly our videos, on the AOL site. For AOL, that means a better offering for their users. For us, it means getting our material out in front of more eyeballs.

There's a lot of these kind of deals around. To some traditionalists, it kind of means a mish-moshing of the Internet (like that technical term?) where the lines between "what content" and "who's content" continue to blur. I think it is more of a recognition that content distribution really has to fit how people use the Net. Some folks like portals that aggregate material from many different sources. Others like to surf from site to site. Others like RSS. And so on.

You not only have to play to what people want but also how they want it.

These agreements can sometimes end up with some ironic intersections. For example, AOL is part of Time Warner . We're part of GE and we have various deals with Microsoft . We also have a deal with Yahoo . Who'd think our little old site would become the nexus of these oft-opposing corporate titans?

Anyway, we're trying to get our stuff into as many venues as we can. This is part of that effort. So if you are an AOL user, enjoy!