Stock Picks to Beat the Market Volatility Blues

Brooke Sopelsa,|Video Producer

To help investors survive the current market volatility, CNBC asked the experts where they're placing their bets in this environment.

Markets & Inflation

Bottom Fishing

“We’re looking for out-of-favor, low-expectation stocks that may have already reflected a lot of negative sentiment, one of which would be in the telecommunications area.  We’re looking at a company called Qwest Communications , which is down over 60 percent since last year – a lot of positive things going on there yet pretty much abandoned by the market.”

Peter Klein, Fifth-Third Asset Management Portfolio Manager

Market Pulse Check

Betting on Large Caps

"We like things that have a lot of international [exposure], have good earnings, are relatively cheap and have been holding up better than the market...Stocks like AT&T, which you also get some dividends with; Wal-Mart, ExxonMobil and Owens-Illinois, so there's some industrial in there.  A lot of international play and companies that are buying back shares are pretty important at this juncture in the market."

Barry James, James Advantage Funds President

Riding the Rails

Riding the Rails

“We’ve been the largest holder of KSU [Kansis City Southern] for sometime now…You have to look within the transports.  There are business and companies within the transports, and the rails…the ability to increase prices, increase capacity and be in a favorable regulatory environment.  So the rail story, which really started a couple years ago, is separate within the transports.”

Gary Kaminsky, Neuberger Berman Managing Director