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Ballmer Getting Egged ... Who's Watching

Okay, today's top video on the site is Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer getting egged.

Granted, it's not that great a video. Most of the shot is of the protestor doing the hurling. You get a little of Ballmer ducking behind the podium. Probably the best part is our anchors on "Squawk Box" bantering about whether they'd have ducked or not. (I think most people would have, frankly. You don't know what the guy is hurling till after the fact).

But it's not the footage people are actually interested in. It's the idea. The notion that one of the more powerful businessmen in the world, at the helm of what many see as an Evil Empire, can be brought down to a human level and humiliated.

Steve Ballmer Egged

Of course, the act is juvenile, but it does get attention. Apparently the protestor was upset about Microsoft and the labor situation in Hungary. Of course, I would argue that Microsoft is probably responsible for more job creation over the last decade than any other company. And much of that creation is overseas.

But logic and perspective means little when we're watching spectacle.

I've been peaking at our stats and it's well above the average for any typical video on the site and by the end of the day will be far and away the site's top traffic video winner. Where is the traffic coming from? Maybe folks at Yahoo peeking? Or some folks at Microsoft giggling at the boss?

Well, at this writing, it's pretty diverse. A lot of traffic seems to be coming from overseas. Guess with all the antitrust debate over there, they're really interested. Go figure.