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CNBC.com to Live Stream Warren Buffett's Madrid News Conference Today at 12p ET

CNBC.com is planning live coverage from Madrid of Warren Buffett's third news conference in three days.  It's scheduled for 12p ET today, Wednesday.

You can see the entire event on our Live Video player.

Madrid is Buffett's third stop.  Tomorrow he heads for Milan to finish his trip, which is designed to raise Berkshire Hathaway's profile as a potential buyer among large family-owned European companies.

In Switzerland, he told a news conference he doesn't plan on returning home to Omaha with a done deal in his pocket.  This trip is mostly about laying the groundwork for future deals.  He also revealed that he recently broke his toe while visiting the home of his friend, Bill Gates.  (Swiss News Conference Video).

Buffett started his tour Monday in Frankfurt, where he also met with reporters.

It's an unusual media blitz for Buffett, but it's consistent with his stated goal of getting on the "radar screens" of families that may need to sell a business.  The extensive media coverage the news conferences generate will certainly help spread the word that he's waiting by the phone, and "hoping it's not a wrong number." 

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