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Lightning Round: Hewlett-Packard, Nordstrom, McMoRan and More

CSX : CSX hit a 52-week high on a down 200-point day in the Dow. “CSX remains my favorite rail.”

USEC : USEC’s a uranium company of “dubious distinction,” Cramer said. “Don’t touch it.”

McMoRan Exploration : MMR’s already had a strong run. “Ring the register on one-quarter of your position,” Cramer said, “and let the rest run.”

Lightning Round

Sara Lee : Management, earnings, the stock – “I’ve got nothing good to say about Sara Lee.”

Cleveland Cliffs : Another stock with a great run. Cramer said he’s feel better about recommending CLF, trading in the $90s, if it pulled back to the high $70s or low $80s.

Nordstrom : “Great place to shop,” Cramer said, but “I don’t want to own that stock.”

Crown Holdings : Don’t buy, Cramer said. “It’s too high for me.”

Symantec  : “I see nothing that makes me want to buy Symantec right now.” Hewlett-Packard under $45 might be a buy, though, Cramer said.

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