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American Idol Upset: Cook Beats Archuleta

David Cook

I'm out in the field today, so just a quick observation and a question, dear readers.

Not only did David Cook beat David Archuleta (as many of you predicted), it was Cook who provided the "knock-out" with a 12 million vote margin of victory. The moment was amazing to watch (though Cook's mother insists on oozing into frame)

after two very long hours of several "Up With People"-type ensemble numbers, and one great performance by the ubiquitous Carrie Underwood.

So, right before the winner is announced, Simon Cowell apologizes to David Cook for bordering on disrespect the night before, adding he thought the contest was much closer than he realized when he watched it later on TV.

Interesting timing, that. Do you think he knew what name was in the envelope?

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