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Hampton's Summer Home: Rent It And Get "Augmented"!

Here's a press release forwarded to Fake Jane today:

For Immediate Release:

New York Plastic Surgeon to Save Hampton's Real Estate Market

Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon Stephen Greenberg is announcing the Hampton's Plastic House in which for a half a million dollars, a lucky consumer can get a summer mansion in Hampton's with a season full of lipo, new boobs and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of treatments including, a full time nurse and chauffeur to take you back and fourth to the hospital for surgery. He will also throw invites to celeb parties and a new summer wardrobe for the changing.

I thought this was a prank, especially since the release actually used the words "new boobs." It is not a prank. I spoke by phone with the guy doing PR, Sid Schwartz, who says this is absolutely serious. Dr. Greenberg has a home in the Hamptons, but that's not the one he's renting out.

Schwartz says the home some "lucky consumer" can rent would normally go for well over $100,000 for the summer--so you're getting about $350,000 worth of surgery, goods, party offers, and clothing. "Everything from Versace to Gucci...a maid, a chauffeur," Schwartz said. I asked which "celeb parties" the renter would get into. "There are like a million galas," Schwartz said, including Diddy's annual bash and Kelly Ripa's.

Lindsay Lohan

Here's Dr. Greenberg's website.

By the way, Schwartz says he's also the PR guy behind yesterday's item on Lindsay Lohan being sued by a New York City college student who claims LiLo took her $12,000 mink coat and kept it for over two weeks. WHAT IS A COLLEGE STUDENT DOING WITH A $12,000 MINK COAT?

Hey, maybe they'll throw that in if you rent the place in the Hamptons.

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