Two-Way Street

What Readers Think of Ballmer's Egging

Yep. The Ballmer Gets Egged video indeed was our top video of the day. By far.

Lots of people watched it, as I noted in my previous post. Some from some notable domains, including Microsoft and Yahoo . And from here and overseas. And some of you wrote in with some pretty strong feelings about it.

Some of you thought the episode was shameful ...

Ballmer getting egged. How criminal!! What if he made a direct hit and blinded Ballmer. I can see a more mature approach. My response will not to buy anything Hungarian. -- Richard

And some of you thought it was merited ...

Ballmer's ducking is a sad and fabulous metaphor for his leadership.  ... Will his legacy be that of the "duck"?The old business model of Microsoft being the chief bully in the schoolyard by destroying or conquering others no longer works. -- Bob

But MOST of you were upset with CNBC running the clip throughout the day.

It is sad to see a world where the media gives a schmuck this level of publicity. Just in case you were not aware of it you have only done exactly what he had hoped… glorify the humiliation, without repercussion, of another human. -- Aaron

How many times must we watch some ass from Hungary throw eggs at Steve Ballmer? It wasn't funny the first time but to replay this clip over and over again is not only irritating but irresponsible. -- Scott

In defense of my TV brethren, because after all I'm just the Web guy, it's tricky planning a day of programming. Do you assume your audience is watching throughout the day ... or dipping in for an hour here or an hour there? Will they have seen the top clip of the day already or not?

And believe me, people were interested in the clip. Did I mention it was the top clip of the day?