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Energize Your Portfolio With Energy

Andrew Fisher

No question about it:  The most energetic sector in business is energy.  But where does an investor go for bargains?  Shawn Reynolds of Van Eck Global has some suggestions -- and a special selection for

His Van Eck Global Hard Assets fund is up an average of 38.9 percent per year over the last five years, and up 19.9 percent year to date.

"The great thing about energy equities right now is that although they've moved strongly over the last several years, valuations remain very cheap, and, obviously, that's driven by the high commodity prices," he told CNBC.

(See below for web-exclusive pick)

At the top of his shopping list is Appalachian coal producer Alpha Natural Resources.

"Coal is up over 100 percent in the last year, really driven by emerging growth of power generation in China and Brazil, also coke and coal for steel demand," he explained.

He also likes Cameron International.

"Cameron's a provider of equipment for oil and gas wells,"  he said.  "They're highly leveraged to deep-water; everybody's heard about [Brazilian energy giant] Petrobras and their deep-water discoveries."

Web Extra:

Reynolds also offered a bonus stock pick exclusively for

It's Exterran, a provider of process and flow equipment that's focused on natural gas.

He points out that Exterran produces compression equipment that's necessary for virtually every producing gas well.

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Reynolds owns shares of Alpha Natural Resources, Cameron, and Exterran through his fund.