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Re-Energizing Intel

The name Craig Barrett and Intel go hand in hand. His name resonates with people beyond the tech business. The former CEO of Intel knows how tough things can get in the semiconductor business.  Whether it's the dot com crash, the U.S. recession or the slump in the chip industry, Barrett has seen and survived it all. You’ve got to wonder how he pulled it off.  He tells people he has a cast-iron stomach.

Today as Chairman, Barrett still makes a big impact wherever he goes. I had the chance to observe him when I was at the World Congress of Information Technology in Kuala Lumpur. Constantly surrounded by people, he does not lack an audience. His schedule is packed solid, and he moves quickly from one meeting to the next, with only seconds to spare.

We had an exclusive television interview with Barrett. The moment you meet him, you know he is extremely focused. He knows what he needs to achieve and accomplish. As he sat down in front of the camera, he was ready to roll. He makes it clear he does not like wasting time. What he likes very much is talking about what he still wants to do at Intel. One thing for sure, Barrett still has so much energy that even his younger employees have a tough time keeping up.

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