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State Farm Home Run Derby Promotion Up In The Air?

MLB All-Star Home Run Derby
Courtesy of MLB

Last week, I told you about the State Farm Promotion during the Home Run Derbywhere a lucky fan will get to point where they think Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz will hit a home run and they'll win roughly $100,000 in prizes.

To be honest, I didn't think about the fact that the All-Star Game is being played in Yankee Stadium and that a Boston Red Sox player will be mimicking Babe Ruth's actions.

Jack Curry of the New York Times picked that up today and suffice it to say that I have serious doubts now that this promotion is ever going to exist.

I called Yankees president Randy Levine who would only say this: "Baseball is aware that this is a sensitive situation and we are having discussions with them."

I honestly can't fault the people at State Farm or MLB on this one. While it now seems obvious, it certainly wasn't obvious to me at the time.

Do I think the Yankees are overreacting? Maybe in a normal year. But this isn't a normal year. This is the last year of Yankee Stadium. This is a year that they paid $50,000 to dig up a Red Sox jersey buried deep in the New Yankee Stadium concrete. And the guy who is participating in the promotion? His name was on the back of that jersey.

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