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Actor Finds A Pirate's "Treasure Of Trouble" At Disneyland

Brandon Hillock

Going to Disneyland is a fantasy for most kids...but working there isn't always Fantasy Land. Brandon Pinto, whose screen name is Brandon Hillock, is an actor who appeared in "Veronica Mars." He's also a life-long Disneyland fan.

He always dreamed of working there, and eventually did, landing a job playing the "Jack Sparrow" character Johnny Depp made so famous in Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean." Pinto tells all in this month's Los Angeles Magazine, providing a rare look inside the Magic Kingdom.

Turns out women get a little frisky with Jack.

"I would...get offers from women in my ear: 'Anything you want, just find me.' I had a girl who had turned 18 the day before. She was with a high school group, and she wrote down her room number at the Downtown Disney hotel. I had a lady hump my leg one day in the park."

Pinto writes about his "training":

Johnny Depp

"'Don't be flirtatious,' they told us. 'See women as trouble.' And they said as far as alcohol goes, don't even mention drinking. But the Pirates of the Caribbean song is all about drinking, and they're drinking all along the ride. So I eventually broke that rule, because it would have taken me out of character. When parents took pictures, I'd say, 'Everyone say "rum,"' and the parents loved it. The kids would just ask, 'What's rum?'"

Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle

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