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BlackRock's Doll is Still Buying Stocks

Andrew Fisher

BlackRock's Bob Doll is not known to make rash decisions. And in the face of spiking oil prices, a slowing economy and market volatility, he continues to buy stocks.  So what is he buying?


Doll has liked -- and continues to like -- Hewlett Packard.

"The stock has taken a bit of a breather on the purchase of EDS, and some have felt that they have paid too much for it," he acknowledged.  "Our view is [Hewlett-Packard CEO] Mark Hurd and Co. will do a phenomenal job integrating that company, trimming costs, and beginning to position that as part of overall Hewlett-Packard and continue the good growth profile and earnings we've seen in recent years."

Doll does not own Anheuser-Busch -- but he's encouraged by word of a possible takeover by InBev.

"The trend is the right trend," he told CNBC.  "Strategic M&A should be alive and well.  Stock prices relative to interest rates are fairly low, in our opinion, and therefore companies will be looking down the street to say, 'Who can help us do a better job at addressing our marketplace?' and that will spur further consolidation and M&A activity."

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Doll owns Hewlett-Packard, but not Anheuser-Busch.