Two-Way Street

CNBC Experts: Boosting the Volume

One of the great things we have at CNBC is access to experts: People who know what they are talking about, right there, to comment on the business news goings-on. It's part of our credo: Fast, accurate news and what to do about it.

And let's face it: When it comes to advice, you want people who know what they are talking about. After all, charming and insightful as I and the other journalists around here are, it probably helps to hear what the folks who actually have skin in the game have to say.

We're ramping up that expert voice on the Web site in this ... our new guest blog. Here you will find comments from the experts you regularly ... and maybe even irregularly ... see on our air. What will they be commenting on? Short answer ... pretty much anything with a dollar sign. Or, if they were recently on air, they might take an opportunity to "expand" (now THAT could get dangerous). Heck, they might even pick a fight with one another (even more fun).

Whatever they do specifically, on the whole it should give readers more understanding about what is happening in the world of money and what the flash points are. We hope you like it.