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"Larry Craig" Bobblefoot: Best Ever Promotion Or Bad Toilet Humor?

Larry Craig Bobblefoot

Not since the height of the bobblehead craze five years ago, have I seen a bobblehead go for the prices that the Larry Craig Bobblefoot doll is commanding.

Here's the back story. The independent league St. Paul Saints, the folks that brought us Bud Selig/Donald Fehr seat cushions, Bud Selig All-Star ties and Randy Moss Hood Ornament Night, created a bobblefoot. It wasn't just any bobblefoot. It was a guy in suit pants sitting in a bathroom stall.

While they didn't mention the name "Larry Craig," the Idaho senator who resigned after his arrest and guilty plea in a sex sting in an airport in the Minneapolis Airport last summer, everyone knew the toe-tapper was meant to be him.

The team gave away 2,500 of the dolls, whose stall says "For A Good Time Call..." and then has the ticket office number. And prices are skyrocketing to in between$75 and $200 per bobblefoot.

It's not the first time that the Saints have had a vague promotion meant to make fun of a local event. Two years ago, the team honored the 30th anniversary of "The Love Boat." But the boats were in Vikings colors and had the name Minnetonka Queen on them. Lake Minnetonka was where the team took their ill-fated love cruise.

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