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A New Name for 'New Tech'

We admit that when United Parcel Service became “Big Brown,” we scoffed a bit. Why was this tired old delivery company trying to sound cool?

Branding New Tech

There’s no question, though, that a little re-branding can inject some much-needed life into a business. The right marketing can take a dusty product and make it the Next Great Thing.

Cramer wanted to offer his “new tech” stocks – those companies innovating in ways the world really needs – the same chance at a rebirth. That’s why he brought on marketing guru Donnie Deutsch, host of CNBC’s The Big Idea. What will it take, Cramer wanted to know, to turn the Eatons and Owens-Cornings of the world into companies as sleek as Apple and Microsoft?

First off, Deutsch said, “Tech is small. I want a whole new category here.”

“This is the humanity sector,” he said.” This is the better-world sector. This is the future-planet sector.

“This is the sector that’s going to make sure your grandchildren can eat. This is the sector that’s going to make sure this planet is safe from terrorists.

“The thing they’re selling,” Deutsch said of Cramer’s new-tech names, “is the future of humanity.”

So what new name did these two giants of business come up with for Cramer’s favorite stodgy old industrials?

“Mankind stocks.”

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