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McClellan's Book Not Making Things Easier For McCain

by Scott McClellan

I know Scott McClellan a little from covering the Bush White House. But like many who interacted with him far more closely than I did, I am quite surprised at the tone of his memoir.

His indictment of the administration's "deception" in promoting the Iraq War echoes and validates commonplace criticisms from the political left.

It's hard to imagine a president becoming politically weaker than President Bush was already. But now the unflattering recollections of former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, about the White House push for tax cuts, and McClellan's new book form a bookend of discontent around the administrations chief domestic and foreign policy initiatives alike.

McClellan's book isn't likely on its own to change the daunting equation facing John McCain as a Republican nominee who now embraces both of those initiatives. But it sure doesn't make McCain's job any easier.

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