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Test of Amgen D-mab Drug Confirms Earlier Results

Mike Huckman, |CNBC Pharmaceutical Reporter

An experimental osteoporosis drug that is considered to be crucial to the future of biotechnology giant Amgen strengthened bones more than today's most widely-used treatment, research showed.

Researchers report at a scientific conference in Spain today that the twice-a-year injectable drug known as D-mab increased bone mineral density - a key measure of its effectiveness - 40 percent more than Fosamax. 

Doctors say the 1100 women on Amgen's D-mab or on Fosamax experienced similar side effects including joint and back pain, indigestion and constipation.

In a press release, the company did not mention any infections, which some analysts have recently expressed concern over.

Results of a much bigger, 8,000-patient D-mab study that will likely determine the drug's fate are expected later this year.

Fosamax is made by Merck , but went generic a few months ago.

The detailed data out today confirm headline results that Amgen released back in January.