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Trinity's Got the Trifecta

No doubt Cramer’s been trumpeting wind power as the next great investment.

Cramer's Mighty Wind

Owens-Corning , Woodward Governor, MasTec – these are just some of the names he’s been dropping since he first discovered the sector. Cramer’s talked up wind-power stocks on the show, on Stop Trading!, and he even just pulled together the first wind index. So viewers not used to Cramer’s passion for stocks might think the guy’s gone a bit overboard.

But not Trinity CEO Timothy Wallace.

“I don’t think you can get too excited” about wind power, he told Cramer during an interview Wednesday. “It’s a robust market, and we’re really positioned well.”

Wallace’s claim that Trinity is “expanding aggressively” in the wind sector might seem like an understatement after it’s latest earnings report. The company’s wind-tower backlog skyrocketed to $1.6 billion from $200 million the year prior, and revenue from energy equipment soared 42%.

With business so good, Cramer asked, why not spin off the wind division?

“At this stage, we just really feel like there’s a lot of value that our corporation can bring to the table,” Wallace said. “But in the future, who knows?”

Like most wind-power stocks, Trinity is not a pure play. Actually, the company’s known largely for its railcar and barge businesses. The diversification keeps Trinity growing on multiple fronts.

Wallace also credited his firm’s “manufacturing flexibility” to Trinity’s success. When his factories aren’t putting out wind towers, they’re building tank cars and propane tanks.

“We focus on…being able to shift our products from line to line,” the CEO said. “And that’s exactly what we’ve done in the wind-tower business.”

If anything, Cramer seemed even more bullish by the end of the interview.

“I can’t take profits in a story nobody knows about yet,” he said. “Trinity stays on my buy side.”

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